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Revere's Wells Street Tavern 

6pm - 11pm 

*Note: Food will be served between 7pm and 8pm

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Our Story

It all started with a game.....

On February 14th, 2011 Greg and Anita met on an online game they both were playing at the time.  From the first conversation they had there was an instant connection.  Following several late night conversations and only after a few weeks of talking they decided to meet up at Southridge Mall.  They took a lap around the mall.. and the rest was history. 



The wedding reception will be held at Revere's Wells Street tavern located in downtown Delafield just off the interstate.  Click on the link below for custom directions!  

Thinking you want to spend the night?  We recommend checking out the Delafield Hotel, however there are lots of lodging options near by!  Check out some of those options!  

* Scroll on the map to see a the options recommended


When thinking of a gift for us, 

We ask if you'd please consider

Contributing to our Honeymoon,

To make it all the sweeter

Our house if full of all the things

A couple could require,

And so a holiday away

Is what we most desire.

Then while we're relaxing on the beach,

Or on a boat in the deep blue, 

We'll sit back and know

That it is truly thanks to you!

You wanted to know the facts.. here are some common questions, answered!

Is there a dress code?

We want you to be comfortable!  If you want to dress up- please do!  However, if you are more comfortable in jeans and a sweater, we are okay with that too!  

Is there parking available? 

Downtown Delafield has lots of parking available!  Click the link below to view a pdf of all the local parking! 


Can I bring my kids?

Please do!  We will have plenty of things to entertain them including an entire game room! 

It's important to us that everyone is having a good time. Please try to keep all discussions about religion or politics to a minimum.  

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